(FILE) – A protester wears a mask and a cardboard reading ‘Diesel-Abgase toeten! (Diesel emissions kill), in front of the Ministry of Transport, in Berlin, Germany, 02 August 2017 (Re-issued on 29 January 2018). In the exhaust gas scandal, the experiments with diesel pollutants on animals and people in Germany cause outrage. According to German media, the European Research Association for Environment and Health in the Transport Sector (EUGT), founded by the corporations VW, Daimler and BMW, is said to have promoted a ‘short-term inhalation study with nitrogen dioxide in healthy people’. Accordingly, 25 persons were examined at Aachen University Hospital after inhaling nitrogen dioxide (NO2) at different concentrations for several hours each. The car companies wanted to question the actual harmfulness of diesel exhaust emissions. Previously, animal testing in the test of diesel exhaust already triggered considerable outrage. German Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks said 29 January 2018 she was ‘horrified’ upon hearing of the tests. EPA/CLEMENS BILAN

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